"You have made a big deal out of a non-issue” Diana Edulji writes to Rai

Women's CricZone Staff
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More claims have come forth in the ongoing drama surrounding the appointment of a new head coach for the Indian women's team. Former player and member of  the Commitee of Administrators, Diana Edulji has accused the chief of CoA, Vinod Rai, of using this issue to gloss over the accusations of sexual harassment against BCCI CEO Rahul Johri.

A three person ad-hoc committee was set up to shortlist candidates for the post of head coach after Ramesh Powar's tenure was not extended. The committee named WV Raman to take on the role. Part of that panel was Shantha Rangaswamy.

Rangaswamy has claimed that the issue of women's cricket is being used to attack her former teammate, Edulji.

Discord emerged between Rai and Edulji when they had a difference of opinion over the head coach. While Edulji firmly believed that Powar should be allowed to continue, Rai was of the view that a new coach should be appointed after Powar's term came to an end.

Edulji, along with Powar, was accused, by ODI captain Mithali Raj, of wanting to "destroy" her career after India's semi-final exit in the World T20. Controversially, Raj was not part of the Playing XI in that match, on a pitch that would have suited her style of batting well. Edulji wrote an email to the CoA as well as BCCI secretary Amitabh Choudhary saying she was supported by Rangaswamy in her views.

"Shantha Rangaswamy has also on an e-mail addressed to us and the Acting Secretary mentioned that the issue of women’s cricket was used to attack the COA member because of the stand she took against the CEO,” she claimed.

Edulji asserted that this entire issue was propogandised to take the spotlight away from the sexual harassment case Johri was facing. Following investigations, a three person panel ruled in favour of Johri two-to-one. While Rai accepted this decision, Edulji remains of the opinion that Johri should resign.

A month on, more disputes have emerged, especially after Raman was appointed as the new coach, replacing Powar. “...you have used the women’s cricket as a diversionary tactic to take the heat off the CEO’s sexual harassment allegations and made a big deal out of a non-issue. This is once again a big dent on women’s cricket in particular and BCCI at large,” wrote Edulji to Rai after was named the head coach.