White Ferns (New Zealand Women’s Cricket team) will currently be under the mentorship of Andre Adams. He has had a short international Cricketing career in spite of good performances, but his inconsistency naturally impacted his selection into the national side.


Despite that; he contributed tremendously to the domestic season as part of Auckland and English Premier Leagues by picking up 30+ wickets and scoring 300+ runs in each. He also earned immense popularity through these performances, which made him a highly regarded and a crowd-pleasing player at the national level.


This appointment will be exceptionally beneficial for the White Ferns, due to his rich experience in the domestic circuit and his own career. His records for coaching have been on a rise and are at an all-time high; and being a New Zealander himself, he will have a better rapport with the team rather than a foreign coach.


His current role guiding the team during the upcoming series against Pakistan as a part of ICC Women’s Championship. Though the team had strong cricketers like Suzie Bates, Sather white, etc, expert guidance has become crucial as the White Ferns have crumbled several times under pressure in the World Cup; noticeably when underdogs “India” ousted them from booking a semi-final berth with their sensational comeback.

Also the team lost to many lower ranked teams in the recently concluded world cup (WWC-2017) and much more significant performances were expected from the former champion side. The team has to be trained properly in the batting as well as the bowling section and has to come back to form as they can’t take Pakistan’s side lightly.

Coach Adam’s major role now would be to bring the champion team back to its form and bring about a competitive atmosphere, while simultaneously working on past mistakes.

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