Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board terminates the domestic season

TTCB President Azim Bassarath. © SportsMax

The Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board has cancelled the remainder of the domestic season due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the club announced on Saturday (May 16).

The representatives of the National League, zonal affiliates and clubs met on Wednesday and then a call was taken keeping in mind the Government’s extension of restrictions on team activities, contact sports and any activity which encourages gatherings. The TTCB also said that there won’t be any promotions or relegations this season due to the incomplete status of all competitions.

The TTCB was persuaded to make these decisions in the best interest of cricketers and the general public in the face of the pandemic,” the TTCB said in a statement. “Also taken into account was the current state of grounds on which matches are played, as they are not prepared to host any cricket in the near future, even if the government eases its COVID-19 restrictions on team sports within the near future.”

“We are going to just cancel the cricket and start afresh in January, next year.”

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The TTCB has also received the support of the Tobago Cricket Association and the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Cricket Association, who also decided to halt their cricket activities for the remainder of the year. It has also asked the minor cricket leagues affiliated to the national organisation to terminate their competitions as well.

However, the TTCB is yet to hear from Cricket West Indies (CWI) about the under-17 inter-zone tournament.

It said, “We are waiting on CWI but I think that since we normally host the U-17 tournament and we cannot play cricket here, then they may call that off. The U-19 may be played because of the upcoming U-19 World Cup. If that is the case, then we may have to arrange an U-19 Interzone tournament or find some way to choose an U-19 national team to take part in that tournament.”