There is no dearth of talent in New Zealand. Amelia Kerr being one example. ©ICC

New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association hopes for New Zealand Cricket’s dire financial situation will not impact the negotiations for a better deal for top women cricketers.

New Zealand Cricket is likely to post a third successive financial loss this year, after a shortfall of as much as $2 million due to the International Cricket Council rescheduling its back-ended annual payments of the US$128 million (NZ$197m) it pledged between 2016 and 2023.

NZC chairman Greg Barclay after declaring losses of $3.5 million last year and $9.3 million in 2017, said “something needed to change” within the Major Associations and the way they deliver cricket at a community level.

Heath Mills, the New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association boss reassured the top women players as the NZCPA negotiates a new Master Agreement to replace the existing one which expires on July 31.

At present there are 15 contracted White Ferns on annual retainers and Mills said discussions had been positive with NZC around increased investment in the women’s game.

“I’ve had no indication that the financial situation of NZC is going to impact on that,” Mills said.

“It is going well and we’ve got a busy 2-3 weeks coming up. We’re having discussions around the women’s domestic teams as well. It’s an extensive negotiation and we’re right in the middle of it.”

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