Sydney Thunder organise special event for indigenous players in the squad

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Sydney Thunder organise special event for indigenous players in the squad

Sydney Thunder organised a barefoot circle event for the indigenous players in the squad. © Sydney Thunder

Reiterating the significance of the struggles faced by the indigenous communities in Australia, Sydney Thunder conducted a unique shirt presentation ceremony sitting in a barefoot circle at an Indigenous meeting place in Sydney Olympic Park.

The teenage batting sensation Anika Learoyd, who was newly added to the Thunder squad, shared her story about the time when the 18-year-old learnt that she was a descendent of an Indigenous woman on her mother’s side of the family five years ago.

"I normally avoid public speaking at all costs. I shut up like a clam whenever there’s a team meeting. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about . It was a taboo subject and died out along the generations. Even so, is something I wouldn’t change for the world. I absolutely love it," Learoyd told

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Similarly, Hannah Darlington, who is from the Kamilaroi community said that she and her aunt are trying to unravel the story of their ancestors who developed a bond with a British convict. “It’s a common practice for the Indigenous girls to have a yarning circle, and to chat about their cultures,” said Darlington.

“Coming into a team where not everyone might be aware of Indigenous culture is really nice. It would be very special if anything I’ve said had a powerful impact.” Learoyd said, adding that it was phenomenal for her and Darlington to share their experiences with their new team.

Haynes, who has been an advocate of Australian cricketers learning about the indigenous culture, said that it was a great opportunity for the team to learn about their teammates off the field.

“The three things we’ve committed to are education, exposure and experience – and I think today it was a really nice way to bring the group together,” she said.

“I was really happy they were open enough to share their story. I think it’s a great way for our group to connect with each other and to learn from each other who we are outside of cricket," she concluded.

Sydney Thunder will begin their WBBL06 campaign against their city rivals Sydney Sixers at North Sydney Oval on Sunday(October 25).