SACA cancels end of season awards events

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SACA cancels end of season awards events

SACA Awards event. © SACA News/Twitter

In the wake of ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) has decided to cancel their end-of-season events - the Dansie McCauley Medal, the Bradman Rolton Medal, the Community Cricket Awards, the National Cricket Inclusion Championships Dinner and the Junior Senior Premier Cricket Presentation Night - they announced on Wednesday (March 18).

SACA did not want to take any risks and protecting the safety of employees and stakeholders is their top-most priority. They also added that the awards will be announced through online channels.

"While we understand this may be disappointing for all involved, this is a necessary action to take in response to an unprecedented health crisis," the association said in a statement.

SACA also thanked fans, players and other stakeholders who have shown patience and stood by them during this tough phase. The staff will make the necessary arrangements to distribute all awards to the recipients.