Rugby, FIFA, ICC women's reps hold joint talks

Rugby, FIFA, ICC women's reps hold joint talks

Before ICC Women's Global qualifiers, 2018. ©Humaira Tasneem

Katie Sadleir, World Rugby’s general manager for women’s rugby, Sarai Bareman, FIFA’s chief women’s football officer and Holly Colvin, the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) chief women’s cricket officer have all been in continual contact since the COVID-19 closed down to share ideas to stem the global slump in female participation in sport owing to the pandemic, The Telegraph reported.

Apart from the shut sporting activities that are a concern, scheduling of major events and the support of the federations and the member unions are also areas of concern for those responsible with running the women’s rugby, football and cricket around the world.

“We are sharing ideas and supporting each other,” said Sadleir. “We have spent quite a bit of time talking about the implications for women’s sport and what they are currently doing. No one six months ago, thought we would be in this situation and now is time a leaders in women’s sport to step up.”

Scheduling of major tournaments is in focus right now as New Zealand is slated to hold the cricket as well as the rugby World Cups in 2021.