China Cricket Team. ©South China Morning Post

China won the three-match T20I series against Korea by 2-1 at Yeonhui Cricket Ground in Incheon, Korea. The first match was played on 3rd November while the remaining two matches were played on November 4.

A new world record made by China and Korea, as they gave 74 extra runs in their 1st T20I game. China gave 41 extras whereas Korea leaked 33. They continued to do so in the second match as well; where Korea gave 29 extra runs and China 38. The first match’s extra runs (74) is now the official world record of giving most extras in a match, surpassing 70; which was given by Botswana and Lesotho during Botswana 7s T20I tournament in August.

The second match’s stat of giving extra runs sits in the third position of the record. In three matches, 201 extra runs were given by both the teams.

Zhang Chan and Han Li Li were the top-scorers for China while Li Hao Yue was the most successful bowler for China, picking up 5 wickets in 3 matches. For Korea, Mi Na Baek stood out with her all-round performances.


1st Match:

China 105/2 (Z Chan 55, M Baek 1/4) beat Korea 104/7 (S Ming 31, H Li Li 2/12) by 8 wickets.

2nd Match:

Korea 116/5 (M Baek 51, L Yue 2/13) beat China 115/6 (Z Chan 27, M Baek 3/17) by 5 wickets.

3rd Match:

China 98/0 (H Li Li 45) beat Korea 94/5 (C Kang 16, W Wan 2/19) by 10 wickets.