Australia team is celebrating after taking a wicket. ©ICC

Cricket Australia are reaping the rewards of marketing their series between Australia and New Zealand. Not only are they getting fans through the gates but the viewing figures from those watching at home on television.

With the coverage switching to Channel Seven, it was always going to be interesting how the audiences would follow. Viewers from all around the world could also stream the match from the Cricket Australia website. With the first international T20 at the North Sydney Oval on Saturday, it was going to be interesting just how many would tune in.

In total, 2.905 million Australians watched at one point or another with a peak of 1.298 million. The average was 888,000 viewers across the game. It was a game that the home side won after chasing down a target of 163.

On the back of the World Cup, Ashes and WBBL, the profile of women’s cricket in Australia has never been higher. In August, Cricket Australia launched a campaign called #WatchMe which featured members of the Australia squad. Along the lines of a similar campaign in England #ShowUp which was to encourage more people to watch women’s sport.

With the World T20 to take place in the West Indies next month, it will be interesting to see how much more coverage the game can attract.

What this series is proving what we already know that if you give the games the coverage it deserves people will watch.

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