South Africa is set to become the second country after Australia. ©OfficialCSA

Cricket South Africa (CSA) interim CEO Thabang Moroe has said that they are working on a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will see the women players get paid at par with the men cricketers.

Moroe said that was one of the key points in their discussions with the South Africa Cricketers Association as they finalise a new MoU. The new MoU was supposed to be signed and agreed at the start of May but that date has now been pushed back to 30th June so that an apt financial model can be decided upon.

“The changes in the financial model are not aimed at taking away from players,” he told Sport24. He further added, “The financial model is actually aimed at getting together the few bits and pieces that will help CSA cater for the semi-professional cricketers as well as the Protea ladies.”

“It’s high time that CSA puts its money where its mouth is. We’ve been saying that we want to look after our women cricketers and get them to a place where they are treated the same as the men’s professional cricketers.”

“We want them to be paid the same.”

“The discussions are pretty well advanced,” said Moroe. “We’ve moved much quicker than both parties expected. We sat the whole day yesterday (Tuesday) negotiating on the financial model. We said what we weren’t happy about, Tony (Irish, Saca CEO) and his team told us what they were not happy about, but at the end of the day, we all shook hands and appreciated each other’s time and effort.”

Last year Australia became the first cricketing nation to award equal retainership contracts to men and women players.

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