Online fitness test for Pakistan players

Online fitness test for Pakistan players

Pakistan team in a huddle ahead of a match. © Getty Images

The Pakistan national team management has organised online fitness test for the country's top 38 players to keep track of their progress during the lockdown.The video tests will be held between May 11 to May 20, under the supervision of interim fitness trainer Imran Khalil.

The players will be asked to complete a sixed set of exercises including prone hold, bulgarian squat, vertical jumps and push ups. Their Body Mass Index will also be calculated.

“The modern day game requires players to maintain optimum fitness levels at all times," said Urooj Mumtaz Khan, chair of the women's selection committee. "Our aim is to develop a fitness driven culture and inculcate this within the system in order to produce elite athletes."

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In the midst of Ramadan, these test will be scheduled outside fasting hours to make sure the players are able to complete their tasks.

“Considering that these are unprecedented and uncertain times and the players are confined to train in whatever spaces are available to them, the testing battery has been modified to ensure they can be conducted without any equipment while staying indoors."

The Pakistan Cricket Board added that the tests will have "no financial implication on the centrally contracted cricketers" if they fail to meet their benchmarks. However, the players are expected to maintain certain standards to make sure they are "ready to go" when action resumes.