"Of course! We want to win every game": Stafanie Taylor

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West Indies blitz back from early South Africa pressure

Stafanie Taylor. ©ICC

From 41/1 after 10 overs to 76/10 after 18.4 overs - the scorecard shows the extraordinary bowling performances by Windies bowler; whereas it also shows the miserably failed Proteas batting line up. One of the most important matches between South Africa and West Indies have shown some intense performances where South Africa restricted Windies within 107 after their allotted overs but they were bowled out for 76.

In this era of T20, any team can reach the target easily, moreover, it was South Africa, who have a strong batting line up. Confident captain Dane van Niekerk said, "We've got a very good batting lineup, from 1 to 8, can take the game away from you at any moment. Lizelle and Laura both were at the top. I felt they batted a bit slow. You know, chasing 170, you need 5-1-5 and over for 20 over. So it kind of spells it out for you there. And I think we got ourselves into trouble quite early, bowling ourselves down. And I think we played catch up. There were a lot of very soft dismissals. And you can't rebuild in innings if you keep on losing wickets consecutively."

For Windies, the night was different. According to Stafanie Taylor, "Looking back in Guyana, our batting was not the best at the moment. And here we are still in that position. And we struggle to reach to 107. I thought that in the middle there with Natasha and Kycia batted well. We needed that partnership. And I think the bowling performance topped it off," she added. "I said to Dottin that I'm going to bowl. And I believe that drive -- that drives me to be, you know what, I'm going to take over this bowling and got a breakthrough."

For Proteas, if they want to reach the semi-final, they have to beat England and Bangladesh. "Need to beat England and then Bangladesh to get through. That's plain and simple for us and we really need to step up to beat a quality side like England. And you can't underestimate a team like Bangladesh as well," said van Niekerk.

Talking about the team, the captain shared, "Obviously disappointed. I won't say shattered. I think we played really well against Sri Lanka. There was a lot of positives. And we are a positive side, we are. But we have to go look at the way we went out, and obviously, there'd -- be open and honest about it and move forward. That's the nature of the beast. It is what it is and we need to move forward."

Being the defending champion, there is some pressure on the Windies. In Taylor's words, "Well, expectations are high. Seeing that you win a championship, everyone expects you to come out every game and win and win. But I think as a team we just need to focus on what we need to do and not worry about surroundings, just try to focus on each game at a time."

West Indies took some good catches and there were some run-outs as well. While talking about those, van Niekerk praised them, saying, "They're athletes. They're brilliant in the field. I'll never fault them. They get to the ball really quick. They stay very low. And they've got gun arms. You're always under pressure when you're running and they showed it tonight again. And when you're fielding like that you're putting pressure on a batting unit even though they're chasing a low score. And have to give full credit to them; they're bowling and fielding turned up tonight."

Like every other team, Windies too want to win every game. "Of course. We want to win every game. We want to top the zone, get that momentum going into the semis. So I know it won't be easy. We still have a lot of work to do."

On the other hand, South Africa are trying to get back to their winning zone. "We just need to find a way to bounce back. It is a tournament. Anything can happen. We've seen funnier things happen, but we just need to bounce back as a unit. we just need to be positive, get a bad day out of the way and hopefully, the sun's going to shine tomorrow anyways. Let's hope so, Saint Lucia."