Malaysian Cricket Association awards central contracts for the first time

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Malaysian Cricket Association awards central contracts for the first time

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“This is a moment to be reckoned with. Malaysian Cricket has been creating pathways for our women players and working towards offering merit based opportunity for both men and women cricketers,” said Mahinda Vallipuram, President of the Malaysian Cricket Association.

“Malaysian Cricket has always prioritized women’s cricket and I know that these contracts will serve as a long term sustainable means and act as morale booster for our women. Contracts such as these often translates as a push factor for the rest of the team to work harder so as to be a recipient of a contract from MCA and this will further improve the ICC rankings.”

Malaysia are currently ranked 38th in the ICC T20I rankings. Apart from the allowances as per the grade of contracts, players will receive medical insurance as well as welfare and education funds.

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“I am grateful to receive this contract,” said Winifred Duraisingam, captain of Malaysia. “In return, it makes me want to uphold professionalism at all times and give my all to the game. Here on, there will be no time to relax. We, as a team need to be the best we can be.”

Her team-mate, Mas Elysa seconded her skipper by saying, “The contract has certainly created a sense of eagerness and urgency to further improve my game and remain at the top. As much as I do not want to fall in my grade, I want to see more players work hard and receive contracts, as it will make a difference to them as it has to me.”

Malaysia are set to host the Asia Qualifier in order to qualify for the Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifier 2022.

Contracted players: Winifred Anne Duraisingam, Mas Elysa Yasmin Zulkifli, Ainna Hamizah Hashim, Arianna Natasya Benn Rakquidean, Yusrina Yaakop, Nik Nur Atiela Nik Din, Intan Jamahidayu Jaafar, Mahirah Izzati Binti Ismail, Noor Hayati Binti Zakaria, Wan Julia Binti Wan Mohd Rosli, Nur Nabila Binti Muhd Nazeli, Elsa Hunter, Aisya Eleesa Firdauz, Nurilyaa Natashya Mohamad Asri, Amalin Sorfina Abu Jimi