Loughborough University to play host to East Midlands region

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Loughborough Lightning and Yorkshire Diamonds at crossroads

Loughborough Lightning have finally found found their feet in the 2019 WCSL. © Getty Images

Loughborough University are set to play host to one of the proposed eight new Regional Centers of Excellence, which was to replace the 50-over county cricket for the upcoming season 2020/21 season, the CRICKETher reported.

It was confirmed via an advertisement which appeared online on April 9. The advertisement was for selection of the Regional Director of the East Midlands Region, which confirms that the new director will be based at Loughborough University.

Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Loughborough fall under the East Midlands regions. The new director will be expected to create an environment and look to develop women's cricket at all levels, as per the advertisement.

Clare Connor, managing director of women's cricket at the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), had previously hinted Loughborough could play host to the East Midlands centre, though that is yet to be announced officialy by the ECB.

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What worked in Loughborough's favour was their success of hosting Women's Cricket Super League (WCSL) matches for the team, Loughborough Lightning, which has all but helped get the hosting right for this new competition as well. This news comes as a short in the arm for the rest of the teams and they might look to take the brands used in WCSL and continue to build on the fan base, which they had got during the successful four years of the competition.

However, the plans for the new Centers of Excellence are on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic, though six of the eight regional directors of women's cricket have been confirmed. Loughborough are set to hold interviews for the post on either April 28 or 29 via Skype.

The England Cricket Board (ECB) have already announced a delayed start to the domestic season. The players have also agreed on a pay cut to help co-operate with the Board during these tough times.