Kiwi Mark Coles appointed Pakistan Women's Cricket coach for series against White Ferns

Chandhana Gogineni
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Kiwi Mark Coles appointed Pakistan Women's Cricket coach for series against White Ferns


Former Wellington cricketer Mark Coles has been appointed as the new coach of the Pakistan team for its upcoming series in Dubai against the White Ferns (New Zealand). This is another appointment which the PCB considers as on a “trial basis”, the former one being made just before the Women’s World Cup.


The basis of why he had been chosen for the coaching role, is due to his experience in the international matches and series', especially coaching and managing in the Australian and New Zealand domestic circuit (Waikato Valley, Wellington, and Western Australian teams); and also being a mentor to the international team Vanuatu.


Such diverse experience held by him made him an ideal choice for mentoring the team. He has a huge responsibility to take over the Pakistan women’s team after its dismal performance at the World cup. The bunch of girls fared somewhat better with bowling but collapsed with a weak batting order. Cole will take over his new role at the beginning of the month October with a camp exclusively for the series.Cole's training will be helpful for the Pakistan girls for their overall development in the field of this sport.


But Appointments of coaches only limited to particular series or championships will affect the team’s training in a long run, as this leads to an incomplete rapport between the coach and the team players. Strategies and other issues can be worked on only when the coach of a particular team has quality time to spend with players on the field. We hope PCB takes a note of this.


These matches play a crucial role as a part of Championship Series (qualifiers) to the World cup 2021. New Zealand also ended with the loss of semi-final berth in the world cup this year, so this series will be crucial and expectations are high for both teams, especially since it is part of ICC Women’s Championship.


Mark Coles in an interview has remarked that Pakistan Women’s cricket team is “developing really nicely”. However, he has a huge task left to bring the underdogs of the sport into the limelight.