I’m a bit of a softer person now – Megan Schutt

Megan Schutt in action. ©Pakistan Cricket

Australian pace bowler Megan Schutt has had a wonderful transformation, both, as a player and a person in the recent years. The South Australian was a self-confessed teen terror who has admitted to stealing the first cricket bat she ever owned.

On the field, the now-26-year-old is the world’s top-ranked T20 bowler, the spearhead of the Australian women’s team and captain of her state. Off field, Schutt recently married wife Jess in March.

Schutt remembers a conversation with former Australia bowling coach Joe Dawes fuelled her ambition of achieving on-pitch success.

“Our bowling coach at the time, he said to me, ‘What’s your goal?’ I said, ‘To be in the top 20 bowlers in the world’,” Schutt told FootyPlus late last month.

“He said why not number one?’ I said, ‘That’s stupid.’

“But from there my perspective changed, like, why not aim for number one?”

That goal is one Schutt achieved first the first time following the 2017 Ashes in Australia – and has held for the last 14 months since regaining the position in India last March – while in the one-day format she’s currently ranked No.4.

Schutt happily credits cricket for how her life has turned out.

“Five or six years ago, if me and my friends had picked who’d be first to be married, it definitely wouldn’t have been me,” a laughing Schutt told cricket.com.au last month.

“My whole perspective on life has changed, I’m a bit of a softer person now.

“At that age you think you know it all and as you get older you realise you don’t know anything.

“Coming into an environment that’s professional and having good people around me made me grow up, which is what I needed to do.

“Having a bit of responsibility on my shoulders has been a good thing I think, it keeps you accountable.

“And I think I’ve eased up in a way, just being more light-hearted and not taking life so seriously … I think I’ve done a 180, only thing that’s still there is my sense of humour.”

Australia head into an away Ashes campaign in England, due to begin in Leicester on July 2.