Katie Perkins not in favour of postponing Women's World Cup

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Katie Perkins not in favour of postponing Women's World Cup

Katie Perkins in action. © stuff.co.nz

In a video conference back in March, New Zealand’s Suzie Bates had called for the 2021 Women’s World Cup to be delayed instead of playing san fans. Bates’ teammate Katie Perkins is of the view, ‘why to delay the tournament when we have all the technology to reach out to the world’.

“Personal opinion, I would rather say it (2021 World Cup) would be hit. The technology is available to us for the whole tournament to be broadcasted globally,” Perkins said to reporters on the sideline of their training session on Tuesday (July 21).

“I don’t see any reason to delay the tournament because who knows how long we have to delay. Of course, you want the fans at a home World Cup.  But logistically in the midst of a global pandemic, we can’t have everything that we want. So as far as we can go, we have to be satisfied with that at the moment.”

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Although the ICC is going according to the plan to host the event as scheduled, there has been plenty of questions been raised over the hosting of the mega extravaganza. Meanwhile, Perkins wants to have a proper pathway towards getting things sorted.

“I think everyone would love to know what’s happening and get a schedule in place. There is always an epic reality that in the midst of a global pandemic we are really fortunate to get in some sort of path towards getting things sorted. In the background, everyone is doing their best and our job is to keep working hard so that we can be at our best once the tournament does come,” said the 32-year-old.

Australia are scheduled to host New Zealand late in September and Perkins gives full credit to the neighbours for the hard work they are putting in to bring back the game in the summer. Australia is definitely showing us the seriousness. Everyone knows that New Zealand are trying hard but if you see across the Tasman Sea, it’s not a joke. It can come faster than you think. So again our government is doing its best and everything they can do at the border is so important for us. Hopefully, we will have cricket this summer,” concluded Perkins, the veteran of 70 ODIs.