Hobart Hurricanes skipper Corinne Hall moves to Sydney Thunder ahead of WBBL07

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Hobart Hurricanes skipper Corinne Hall moves to Sydney Thunder ahead of WBBL07

Rachael Haynes and Corinne Hall © Getty Images

Sydney Thunder has signed a one-year deal with Hobart Hurricanes captain Corinne Hall ahead of the seventh edition of the Women's Big Bash League.

Speaking about the signing, Hall said that the Thunder had created a team culture that has proven to be successful. "It is very exciting to be a part of that. I know Thunder are a very professional organisation.”

"The most appealing thing for me was the opportunity to play with such a great mixture of players. You have got senior leaders like Rachael Haynes – who I have long admired for her leadership – and Sammy-Jo Johnson. Then you have a really great bunch of young talented girls coming through as well like Hannah Darlington and Phoebe Litchfield."

The 33-year-old has captained the Hurricanes in three seasons amassing close to 1000 runs for the franchise in the marquee T20 competition. However, the move to Thunder would be a homecoming for Hall.

She started her cricket career with New South Wales Breakers before moving to Tasmania. “Towards the back end of my career, there was always a lingering thought in the back of my mind that I would like to finish playing in NSW as well,” she said.

Thunder skipper Haynes said that she is excited to have Hall in the squad, adding that the veteran would add a lot of value to the team in terms of experience and competitive edge.

“Having had the opportunity myself to play alongside her, I know the type of character she is and the types of attributes that she possesses. Not only is she a competitor, but also really tenacious as well. I think that is the thing that stands out for me. She just never gives up.”

While she captained the side with Hurricanes, at Thunder Hall would be a senior player in the squad, helping Haynes and the team management build a team for the tournament.

“I think, anytime you have been in a leadership position, you understand team makeup, tactics from a completely different level. Having the responsibility of looking after other players, but also your own performance, I think it is something that has been a challenge for me over the last couple of years."

“I found my feet in WBBL|05 of getting the balance right. (Captaincy) just creates a whole new element to your game. You are constantly seeing things from a different point of view which will hopefully help our leaders at the Thunder,” she concluded.