Head coach Lee Meloy excited by Jersey's promise

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Head coach Lee Meloy excited by Jersey's promise

Jersey team. © Bailiwick Express

Lee Meloy, head coach of Jersey, said the players in the squad are still learning the game at the highest level and should be allowed to make mistakes as they improve with time.

“Being realistic, this is going to take a few years before we are where we want to be,” Meloy was quoted as saying by Jersey Evening Post. “We’ve got to allow the youngsters in particular to work on their game, make mistakes and then improve on them.”

“We’re in a strange scenario in that they’re representing Jersey at the highest level of women’s cricket when they’re still learning the game but they will keep getting better.”

Jersey marked their international debut when they took on Guernsey - also making their debut - in a one-off T20I in May 2019. The young island nation has played seven T20Is so far, the last of which came in August 2019. They won their last four matches after tasting defeat in their first three internationals.

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Jersey, ranked 37 in ICC T20I team rankings, recently traveled to Ireland to play a four-match T20 series against Northern Knights in Belfast, marking their return to competitive cricket for the first time in a year. Meloy, who took charge of the side in April 2020, said it was great to have the opportunity to play some cricket and the team did well considering the situation.

“It’s the first time we’ve had the opportunity to get them off the island since I took over and it was great to finally get some games played this season,” he said. "The Knights have quite a few good players just below the Irish international standard who can’t commit to full-time cricket in Dublin and they had a couple of internationals too, including Cara Murray, who took 3 for 18 against us in four overs on Friday.”

31-year-old Meloy believes the tour has been a good experience for the young side and he is excited by the promise they have shown so far.

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“Our average age is 17 and our youngest player is 13, so the results weren’t unexpected, and the performances showed signs of a young side. Bowling and fielding are always the first things to improve and the girls did both very well. The Knights team was very complimentary of how well we bowled and how difficult we make it for them in the field.”

“Ultimately batting was our downfall but that is always something that takes a while. No matter how many balls you hit in the nets it doesn’t replicate a game scenario but that experience will come. I’m excited by what’s to come over the next few years,” he concluded.