The Evolution of Women's CricZone: 5 Years of Inspiration and Growth

Women's CricZone celebrated its fifth anniversary on May 29, 2023

WCZ Team
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Having started out as a mere Twitter account operated by Yash Lahoti – the founder and current CEO of Women’s CricZone – during the 2017 Women’s World Cup, within a few months the Women’s CricZone website was born. Operated largely by cricket fans who created content for the site, in 2018, Yash decided to build a proper team.

That was when he met the late Sidhanta Patnaik – a well-known cricket journalist and a champion of the women’s game – who became his co-founder. With the help of Sidhanta, Women’s CricZone was given structure and a mission: to provide the best possible coverage to the women’s game.

Since then, Women’s CricZone has firmly established itself as one of the leading women’s cricket websites in the world – covering several tournaments around the world, starting the first-ever digital magazine dedicated to the women’s game, the first women’s cricket (exclusive) honours, creating a podcast and several engaging video shows. As women’s cricket continue to rise, we will bring you more and more content from all over the world.

Women's CricZone celebrated our fifth anniversary on May 29 and here's a montage and milestones we achieved in our journey.