CSA members' council agrees with interim board regarding new MOI

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CSA members' council agrees with interim board regarding new MOI

Nathi Mthethwa © Getty Images

Members’ council of Cricket South Africa (CSA) has unanimously agreed to accept to new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), CSA announced on Wednesday (April 29).

The interim board of Cricket South Africa (CSA) and the members’ council announced that they are agreeing to adopt the new framework proposed by the sports ministry, which will have the majority of independent members on Monday (April 26). In doing so, they might have averted a government take over and derecognition of the board by the ministry.

“We have now reached the stage, where we can move to complete one of the outstanding issues of our mandate which is to hold the Annual General Meeting,” said Stavros Nicolaou, CSA interim board chairperson.

“I would like to thank the members’ council for ensuring that this resolution is passed. Cricket is now poised to move forward with a new governance structure. We look forward to taking the focus away from the boardroom and to the field of play especially ahead of the T20 World Cup later this year.”

Nathi Mthethwa, the Sports Minister of South Africa, invoked Section 13(5) of the National Sports and Recreation Act on Friday (April 23), a move that could have derecognised CSA as the official body that runs cricket in the country.

“I have decided to invoke my powers under the Act and I hereby notify you that I have done so in accordance with section 13(5)(i)-(iii) by defunding CSA and derecognising CSA and I will cause this to be published in the Government Gazette in due course at the earliest opportunity,” Mthethwa wrote in his letter addressed Nicolaou and Rihan Richards, the acting President of CSA on April 23.

Nicolaou added in the statement that the minister Mthethwa has been briefed on the latest developments and with interim board and members’ council reaching an agreement, the minister will have to take the decision regarding going ahead with the intervention and subsequent derecognition by publishing it in the Government Gazette.