Shaquana Quintyne. © Getty Images

Cricket West Indies (CWI) has been pulled up in question after Ex-Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) member Hartley Reid has claimed out-of-contention West Indies all-rounder Shaquana Quintyne is at times in ‘excruciating pain’ and barely able to walk after failing to properly recover from multiple cruciate ligament operations.

Quintyne suffered injuries in her right knee during a preparatory training camp for the 50-over World Cup three years ago and was left to fend for herself, the 24-year-old accused CWI. Despite multiple operations and several failed rehabilitations, Quintyne remains not only unable to resume her craft but on occasion have issues with mobility.

In response, CWI CEO Johnny Grave has strongly refuted claims that the organization has not been supportive of the player. “We have provided enormous financial support and medical support for Shaquana since she got injured back in 2017…we have paid huge sums of money for her to try and get her career back and try and get back to full fitness,” Grave was quoted as saying to Mason and Guest Radio program.

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According to Grave, the organisation’s Total and Permanent Disablement policy, which did not exist for the women’s team in back 2017 was extended to Quintyne, in light of the injury. Reid, who was also the former chairman of BCA women’s cricket when Quintyne was captain, has also disputed the level of support provided by the CWI and does not believe it went far enough.

“When she got injured in Antigua in March 2017 she was not even taken to a doctor, a clinic, or to a hospital.  She got injured and was sent back to Barbados two days after.  When she came back to Barbados she was given instructions to see a doctor, that doctor was not even in Barbados.  So, she contacted me in all the pain and tears, and I took her to see an orthopedic surgeon,” Reid said.

He went to explain that the player was unable to continue seeing that orthopedic surgeon in Barbados after the CWI provided recommendations and means for the player to have surgery and treatment in Jamaica. After some relief, Quintyne then got permission to be treated by the surgeon in Barbados.

The player again experienced some relief but after the condition returned in 2018, was recommended for a third surgery, this time in Canada, on the advice of the Barbadian orthopedic surgeon. “That is where Cricket West Indies assistance ended.  When she came back from Canada in March 2018, with the understanding that in three months’ time she would have returned to Canada for observation and further analysis, Cricket West Indies not agree for her to go,” Reid explained.

“So, she was in pain all of the time until she decided to go back with her own money.  In November 2018 she had another operation, all at her expense.  She was spending all of her money so she is poor now because she spent all of her money trying to get herself back in condition,” he added. “Right now, as we speak as she put it, her knee has locked up and she is in excruciating pain and she cannot walk, she is crying and immobile.”