CBP Ep.4 Pt.2: Zealous Zainab Abbas’ Journey

S Sudarshanan
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CBP Ep.4 Pt.2: Zealous Zainab Abbas’ Journey

Zainab Abbas at Lord's during the ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019. © Twitter/Zainab Abbas


When we decided to have an interview with Zainab Abbas about the story of her career, we had a thought that it would be somewhere around 20 to 25 minutes. We’d thought that we would run out of topics to talk and questions to ask.

But when she started talking, it felt like a nice movie about herself – an introduction, consisting of how she began and the important points in her life during that period, then a proper deep-dive into how she made her own space, managed to stave off all the negativities and work in a male-dominated space, her experiences in those respects and then how she got to cover the ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019 as an ICC Insider to where she sees women in sport in the future, apart from being an inspiration to aspiring young girls.

It was all in a perfect flow, so much so that we didn’t realise that we had spoken almost double the time we had expected. And yet it never felt all that long. After re-listening to the recording and speaking with the team, it only seemed apt that we make it a two-part episode, giving the story the space it deserves.

While the first part included Abbas’ foray into presenting, her upbringing and about her experiences of working in a male dominion, this part is about how she had to deal with sexism, the ICC Cricket World Cup and a few of her memorable moments. She also talks about Babar Azam and Saeed Ajmal in our rapid fire.