CBP Ep 13: Elation, celebrations & a championship win ft. Georgia Adams

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CBP Ep 13: Elation, celebrations & a championship win ft. Georgia Adams

Southern Vipers RHF Trophy 2020 Champions. © Getty Images


The Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy was a welcome change from a high period of uncertainty, when the domestic players didn’t have an idea if they would even get to play. Eight competitive teams, bolstered by the presence of the English national players for the first two rounds of the competition, vied for the coveted trophy, named after the England great. Five weeks, numerous viewers, thanks to the streams, and some terrific matches later, we got the winners of the RHF Trophy – Southern Vipers.

“We were already confident,” beams Georgia Adams, the skipper of the victorious side, on the Clean Bowled Podcast.

“It was a brilliant track and we wanted 250. But to get 230 on the board, you’re asking quite a lot of the opposite to hold their nerves under the scoreboard. We were quietly confident.”

In the big match, Charlotte Taylor, the off-spinner “who takes the ball away from the right-hander”, picked up six wickets for just 34 runs and spun a web around the Northern Diamonds’ batters.

“Oh my goodness! What a person, what a great person,” says Adams. “I didn’t really know much about her. But Charlotte Edwards (coach) told me that I’m excited about her. She’s an off-spinner but takes the ball away from the right hander. She loves taking the battle to the opposition and keeps it really simple and backs herself to deliver.”

Expectedly the celebrations after the win were as emotional and exciting as Adams’ narration.

“The girls were over the moon,” she says. “We had a big huddle and Edwards was getting a bit emotional. We had to get Danni (Danielle) Wyatt on FaceTime so that she can be a part of the celebrations and be around.”

Adams also spoke about more about the finale, her methods in the lead up and during the tournament and about her 154* run knock against Western Storm.

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