CBP Ep 12: Chit-chat, fun and laughter with Jemimah Rodrigues

S Sudarshanan
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Jemimah Rodrigues jumps four places to secure No. 2 spot in ICC T20I Rankings

Jemimah Rodrigues in action for India. © Getty Images

It’s interesting to know how players have different perspectives on the similar things; last week a chat with Amy Satterthwaite revealed how she was surprised by her ability to hit the ball well and pretty much ‘remember how to bat’.

“I started playing with a plastic ball just to stay in touch,” said Jemimah Rodrigues, on the Clean Bowled Podcast, after being away from action for some months. She said she craved to be in the nets and just be out in the middle and was worried about hitting the ball. She shared an instance where she was confident about playing a cover drive and ended up missing the ball by a long distance!

In this podcast, we had a light-hearted chat with Jemimah Rodrigues, wherein we discussed what she’d been up to in the last few months, her practice routines, put her in a spot and discussed her age and antics at length!

We didn’t miss a chance of reminding Rodrigues that she is no longer a teenager. She spoke about her hobbies developed as she did about the various interactions she had by means of the Super Over Podcast, featuring Liam Flint and JP Duminy as her co-hosts, as well as Double Trouble, the video show she hosted with Smriti Mandhana.

For someone who, admittedly, is talkative and loves interactions, she’s began watching some shows on OTT platforms, while cooking is something she doesn’t enjoy. There are more such interesting bits to know about her.

We’re sure this is an episode you’d enjoying listening to and you’ll always wear a smile while doing so.