Hayley Matthews' Barbados join fight against COVID-19

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Hayley Matthews' Barbados join fight against COVID-19

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Captain of Barbados’ national women’s team Hayley Matthews joined her teammates in helping Barbadians cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. She presented Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Cynthia Forde with food vouchers on Wednesday (June 3) to be distributed to households affected by the pandemic.

Forde admitted that the pandemic has had a devastating effect on the country's economy, leaving thousands of people without jobs. The ministry has identified over 2000 households affected by the crisis, and hope to help them in any way possible.

Additionally, Forde thanked the team for taking the time to find and execute their idea to help the community. “By donating these couple thousand dollars of vouchers that persons can purchase essentials to help them to be able to live another day with the measure of hope that tomorrow will be better and brighter that they will never forget,” she said.

“We will ensure with the help of our social workers that it trickles down into the community to those who need it the most. What you have done speaks volumes of what I know and have understood and experienced across the many years of working in the public service and in the classroom.”

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Forde also suggested that other sporting organisations follow the lead of the country's women's team and contribute what they can to help get people back on their feet.

Betty Lewis, manager of Barbados, said it was vice-captain Kycia Knight who suggested the team do something to help those who need it most. They agreed to do so by going through the Ministry in order to reach a wider base.

Every player in the squad contributed to the cause, despite many still being students or without a regular job. “It made a great difference and being a director at the BCA it was easy for me to sell to the Board of Directors that this is what the women have put together and can you match it. And with that we have our final total which is a pretty decent total,” Lewis added.

“We are very happy to be part of giving back to Barbados especially at this time when we are experiencing something we probably will not have again probably in my lifetime. But we are happy we are in a position to make another family comfortable as it relates to their needs,” she concluded.