Alyssa Healy may play the semi-final subject to complete recovery

Yash Lahoti
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Alyssa Healy may play the semi-final subject to complete recovery

Alyssa Healy suffered concussion. ©ICC

During the league match against India, Australia wicket-keeper batter Alyssa Healy suffered a mild concussion after colliding with bowler Megan Schutt during her attempt to take a catch. Australian team doctor Pip Inge has informed that Healy must pass a stringent set of tests to prove she has recovered from the concussion before she can take the field for the semi-finals against Windies on 22nd November.

Alyssa Healy is tournament's second highest scorer bagging Player of the Match in all 3 games she batted before the concussion ruled her out to bat in the game against India.

With a couple of days left for the semi-final, Inge says that Healy has perfect time to recover and make a place in the team's playing XI. Cricket Australia's concussion policy will see Healy undergo a series of tests – after at least 24 hours of rest – over the coming days as part of a staged return to play, Dr Inge explained.

"If all the ducks line up in a row, we have the perfect amount of days to graduate her back," Dr Inge told as Australia prepared to fly from Guyana to Antigua on Sunday.

"We're lucky we're not playing today (Sunday) because that would have not given us enough time to graduate her back in, (playing yesterday) means we've got just enough days to get it right, if things all line up. We need to graduate people back into play to make sure the symptoms don't get worse and we don't put them at risk," she said. "You need to complete one step before you can move to the next step."

"Today's about rest...being sensible with things, removing a lot of stimulus. The next step is elevating your heart rate a little bit and being able to do a bit of activity like jumping on the (stationary) bike or going for a bit of a run and making sure you don't get a return of any symptoms."

"Then it's doing some skill work, low-impact, non-contact stuff – for Midge (Healy) she'll do things like throw downs with coaches and some remedial keeping work. Then if that's all okay, you go to a full training session, you face bowlers, you put yourself under pressure. And if that's okay you get to play."

Only one step can be completed per day, and players can only progress to the next stage if they are without symptoms.

"We've got a really good time (frame) with her...but we don't have the ability to speed things up," Dr Inge said. "It's hard to say how long people take to get over concussion, sometimes people get completely knocked out and they're fine five days later, sometimes people get a trivial knock and it can take weeks to settle down."

"She's good today, she's got a good black eye going on, but she's feeling a heap better which is good," Dr Inge said.

Alyssa Healy after reaching Antigua provided an update on her current condition and thanked her fans.