Laura Harris in action. ©

Laura Harris has cancelled her end-of-season vacation with fiancée Delissa Kimmince to work on the frontline of Australia’s coronavirus pandemic. The Brisbane Heat player is an emergency nurse at Logan Hospital in Queensland’s south-east.

Harris’ hospital has so far returned a few positive cases while many are yet to be tested. Queensland authorities confirmed on Thursday (April 2) that the state had 835 cases of the virus with three of them having died.

“I was in a corona clinic and there were about 300 people that came in, and we tested about half of them in that one day,” Harris said, speaking to the Australian Cricketers’ Association. “Now we’ve got a much stricter criteria. If anyone has a cough or cold symptoms, we act as if they could have it until it’s ruled out.”

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Since she is working as a nurse, she has had to isolate herself from her family and loved ones as a precautionary measure, though the threat of contracting the virus through her work was low.

“There are a lot of staff at work that are sharing photos of their own self isolation at home from their kids and their families, which is a bit of a laugh but something that everyone feels necessary at this stage, not knowing how bad it can get,” she said.

“Touch wood we don’t actually get it but we are doing all the right precautions at work, so at the end of the day if we do get it, it shouldn’t be from work, it should be from outside somewhere.”